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Staying a week in Byron was blissfull. For those of you that dont know Byron it is the most easterly point of Australia. It is a place full of beauty and has a wonderful energy.You go to Byron to recharge, so it was a great starting point for us. I spent the mornings with Rach, my yoga teacher, adjusting the Japanese students that were doing their Yoga Teacher Training. It was really wonderful to be invloved in the training and that energy. I practiced Rach's class on Friday which was just so wonderful. Rach is such an amazing teacher, so inventive and spontaneous. The rest of our time in Byron was mostly hanging out and reading. For the first few days we kept asking one another "Well, what shall we do now then?" Paul has found it especially difficult to relax and get out of the 9-5 routine but slowly slowly we are getting used to it. We had a picnic on the beach where we saw a pod of about 20 dolphins off Watego's Beach which was just magical.We went up to the lighthouse which has to be one of my most favourite places in Australia and we even saw a whale in the ocean, well the blow spray of it, it was still a great thing to see. One our last evening we went to the Arts Factory and saw a fire show which was pretty cool. That's what I love about Byron so much, the vibe. Everyone is just so relaxed and alternative. I must say I have never seen so many dreads in my life!! Byron is a place that you can visit but it is so easy to get sucked in to what I call the Byron bubble, protected from reality. It would be a strange place to live, to live inside that bubble. I love Byron and know that one day I will return.

After Byron we went back to Brisbane for the Siverchair & Powderfinger concert which was amazing. Both bands were fantastic. Silverchair were very artistic and Powderfinger just rocked!!! I dont know what it is with Brisbane though, I was very disapointed that no one actually danced!!!! Yes you read right,I know!!! It is a bloomin rock concert and everyone sat on their bums - except for me of course. I love to dance and I even got verbal abuse. One guy even shoved me on the shoulder. Life is to short to sit on your bum tapping your toes, get up and boogie baby!!!!

The next night we went to the Riverfire with Jen and watched a spectacular firework show it was a great finale to our time in Brissy.

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Is it real?


The cats have gone to their foster home and I am sat in my living room surrounded by packed and half packed boxes. The time has come, finally, we are about to embark on our Round the World trip. So why then do I keep putting off packing my backpack? I feel sick, apprehensive. Excited? Thats what everyone else says I must be feeling so why then am I not bursting with joy? This is huge, of course it is. I have given up a job I love, a beautiful house in a great area. Good neighbours and of course my beautiful sister Jenny, whom I love so much. Paul is excited but then again he was itching to leave his job and 8 months ago so was I. I know that once I get into the swing of things that I will have so much fun and after all it is something that we have been talking about doing for the last 3 years. I guess I had better go and pack my backpack....

.....First day in Byron. Does it feel real yet? No, Byron is still too familiar, but it is exciting. It is setting in that I wont be hanging out with Jen on a regular basis anymore and that hurts. It is a strange feeling that I feel. There has been so much going on lately that my head is still spinning. I have been to Bali on a two week Yoga training as well as trying to organise stuff for this trip. It is not like a holiday where you dont really have much to do and you can just get excited about going. There is a lot to do, especially when you are not planning to come back to the place that you set off from. I guess our trip is a little different from others, we are starting in one point and ending it on the other side of the world. Eek!! It is still a bit too strange to comprehend but the excitement is starting to come back and although I am a bit scared - which is natural I am so looking forward to travelling the world with the best person I could imagine.

It is Paulies birthday - Happy Birthday!!! Not a bad pressie, starting a RTW trip!!! The backpackers we are staying in is fantastic. It is more like a shared home than a backpackers. Clean, bright, great kitchen and bathrooms, close to the centre. Cant get better than that. We went for a lovely Indian meal to celebrate Pauls birthday, then to the Beach Hotel for a quick beer and an added bonus of listening to Dubshack, they were fab, dub reggae. Had a bit of a boogie. Not a bad start to our adventures.xxx

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I’ve got two ouchies!!

It seems such a long time a go that we booked the tickets. We have been doing a fair bit of planning and shopping. We have bought our backpacks, walking shoes and heaps of other accessories. One of which I am particularly proud off…. We bought a Steripen – a what, you think? Its great, it is a UV pen that you can stir in up to a litre of water which means that we have clean drinking water wherever we go. I know the average backpacker might not take such a thing but I am a bit of a worry wart and I have been doing a lot of reading and quite a few people have been ill from drinking the water available on the Inca trail, so hopefully we can avoid the bugs.

I have been obsessed by illnesses, every travel thread I seem so read I end up migrating towards diseases and how to avoid them. Paul on the other hand is obsessed with train/bus times. It is so funny we will both be reading the Lonely Planet Guides and then I will shout “stop right there, what are you reading about” Trains times obviously!!! The first step is to recognize you have a problem, right? Well at least we have done our bit on trying to avoid getting ill and not missing the trains. We know nothing about the culture or the history of the countries we are going to! Only kidding, we are doing out bit there too.

We did a trial run on our backpacks the other week. I am not sure how I am going to survive?? Once I fit in all of my cosmetics there was no space for clothes! Tee hee hee, I really am kidding but truthfully, there is not much space and I will be taking one or two little luxuries, such as moisturiser! We walked around the park for a while to make sure they were comfy – not too bad but it was only a bit of a guestimate pack. We shall have to see how we go. Paul’s backpack looked hilarious, it came out from his back about half a metre, I am not sure what he had done but we had a bit of a giggle about that. We will be experts after the first week I am sure.

We have found the cats foster homes, finally!! It is such a relief. We are able to keep them together and Angie the girl that is looking after them usually saves cats from being put down when their owners move abroad so she is quite happy that we are taking them to the UK with us. She is really lovely. Its bloomin’ expensive getting them all prepared for travel though. They are getting their rabies vaccinations next week. It looks like the airline will only deal with an agent though so the actual getting them to the airport bit seems a bit Exy. What can you do? I am so glad that we are able to take them with us.

I have booked the removal and storage company and given my notice to the yoga studio’s. I will be advising the gyms next week.

Paul and I had our jabs on Friday. I now have two ouchies!! The nurse said that it would make our arms heavy – you’re not kidding!! Me teaching a yoga class on Friday evening was interesting to say the least. We have now had our Yellow Fever, Hep A, Typhoid, Tetanus (Diphtheria, Whooping cough & Polio). We have decided not to have the rabies shots. They are extravagantly expensive but the research I have read suggests only having it if you are working with bats, which thankfully we are not. We don’t plan to pet the dogs so hopefully the risk is very small. If we do get bitten we have 24 hrs to get the human imuniglobin and seeing as we are not going off the beaten track this should be possible. Eek!! So many nasty things but I have to stop freaking out now. As Paul would say “I am sure we will be fine”

So what’s next? We are working on the Visas as I just received my UK passport and Paul has 17 days until he hands in his notice!!! We have a bottle of Champagne chilling :0) Watch this space.

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Tickets Booked!

No Turning Back

Well, the round the world tickets are booked. Eeek! No turning back now.

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